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Archiving Phishing webcast and cooking series Dinner and movie continues its 33rd episode tonight, Tuesday April 27, 2021, with a screening of the band’s performance on October 10, 2010 in Manchester, NH’s Verizon Wireless Arena. Log in below and scroll down to follow our 10/26/10 broadcast companion.

Phishing Dinner and movie Episode 33 – 10/26/10, Manchester, NH [STREAM]


[Video: Phish]

Episode 33 of Dinner and movie follows the 4/4/98 screening of last month in Providence, RI of the famous Island visit. Go down the list of all the past Dinner and cinema and their accompanying flow companions below:

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Before tonight’s Phish Dinner 10/26/10 and a movie broadcast, you can tune in to SiriusXM Phish Radio at 7:00 p.m. for an episode of Crowd control hosted by Timothy Showalter (Row of Oaks). The songwriter / producer who mixes genres will also present his cover of “Bug” by JamBaseis to come Cluster flies, a tribute to Phish’s Closed in honor of its 20th anniversary.

Regarding Phish’s current live, the band have remained silent regarding the currently scheduled 2021 summer tour. Plenty of bands will be hitting the road this summer, with a slew of full-scale touring announcements – featuring venues Phish is also set to play – arriving in recent weeks. Of course, various other tours and festivals have been postponed until later in the year or pushed back to 2022 during the same period. The Phish team are definitely hard at work finding the best and safest move for the summer. Whether it’s this summer or in the future, you can be sure that the plans are underway as we speak, and you should know that by the next time we meet for Dinner and movie. A little more patience, friends …

Some Phish shows are popular for their fearless jams. Others inspire the same affection for their original antics. Tonight’s phish 10/26/10 Dinner and movie spectacle belongs to the latter category. Penultimate stop on the Fall 2010 tour, the Tuesday Night Show in Manchester, NH often gets lost in the shake-up as you think back to this tour among the Small feat Halloween set and Led Zeppelin– infused show on 10/30 in Atlantic City and the famous “Guyutica” show on 10/20. Despite the remarkable shows surrounding it, 10/26/10 still had enough Phish shenanigans to make it worth revisiting more than ten (!!) years later.

The fun started quickly with a cover of the JJ Cale classic “After Midnight”, Phish’s first rendition of the song since its memorable appearance at Large Cypress New Years Eve 1999. Tour debut ‘The Sloth’ kept the energy going in the bubbling arena before making way for another tour debut, a scorching ‘Alumni Blues’> ‘Letter to Jimmy Page’ > “Alumni Blues”, with the final chorus with a direct tribute to Trey Anastasio, McConnell Page, and Jon fishmanis the alma mater, Goddard College. Bob marleyIts “Mellow Mood” then made a rare appearance, followed by the only 2010 rendition of “Access Me”.

Lifting his head again, Phish broke another GameHendge beast – a rabid, somewhat elongated “Lama” – before releasing the throttle again with another rarity, “All Those Dreams.” Only six minutes long, you might be like, “Hey, I wish we had more ‘lama’ on this show.” Sit down, champ, you’re going to love the way this goes.

A fantastic “The Curtain With” was next, ebbing and sinking with unusual energy before swerving into the ever-animated “Scent of a Mule”. “A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing” followed by a full of energy “It’s Ice”> “Walls of the Cave” tied a bow on the strong first set.

Returning to their middle form, the band returned for the second frame with a cheerful “Possum,” skillfully playing with the dynamics as they built it up to its usual white light peaks. Then, Trey embarked on “Light”, the Joy track that was quickly becoming a staple in Phish’s live rotation. While it hasn’t quite broken through as a truly awesome jam vehicle at this point (I would mark this transition somewhere in late summer 2012), this version shows some reflections of its potential.

Over the smoldering embers of “Light” jam, Trey lit the fuse on what would become a “Mike’s Groove” of wacky proportions. Taking the lion’s share of the second set, this edition of the longtime couple fell short of your standard “Mike’s Song”> “I Am Hydrogen”> “Weekapaug Groove” fare. Instead, the relatively straightforward “Mike’s” took a left turn into “Simple.” Okay, it’s not so unusual, but take it from there in “Makisupa Policeman”? Now we are getting weird. Then slip into Phish’s debut of “Night Nurse” in honor of Gregory Isaacs, who had died the night before, and back in “Makisupa”? Yes… so, “The Wedge”? “Ghost”?? “Mango song”? !! By the time Trey started sprinkling teasing “Weekapaug” over a jam “Mango Song” – eight songs in “Mike’s Groove” – ​​before landing in the closing coda, the band had surpassed their antics quotient. for the evening several times. .

But wait, there is more… taboo. With “Weekapaug” still spinning along the tracks, Trey pushed the train into “Llama” territory for a swift and ecstatically received pickup to envelop the whole. You see, I told you there were more “Lama”.

A “Show of Life” encore closed the affable and eccentric performance, setting up a memorable Halloween run this weekend.

Tune in to the Phish Dinner and movie screening 10/26/10 in New Hampshire tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Setlist: Phish | Verizon Wireless Arena | Manchester, New Hampshire | 10/26/10

SET 1: After Midnight, The Sloth, Alumni Blues> Letter to Jimmy Page> Alumni Blues[1], Mellow Mood, Access Me, Lama, All of These Dreams, The Curtain With> Scent of a Mule, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, It’s Ice> Walls of the Cave

SET 2: Possum> Light> Mike’s Song> Simple> Policeman Makisupa[2] -> Night nurse[3] -> Policeman Makisupa> The Wedge, Ghost -> The Mango Song> Weekapaug Groove[4] -> Llama recovery

ENCORE: Spectacle of life

[1] “From Goddard College” added to lyrics.
[2] “I woke up this morning with a policeman at my door, all I could do was shrug my shoulders and go back to my room and smoke another head.”
[3] Phish debut.
[4] Unfinished.

After Midnight was first performed since December 31, 1999 (206 shows). In Alumni, Trey added “from Goddard College” after the final words “Because I graduated”. Makisupa included the lyrics “I woke up this morning with a policeman at my door, all I could do was shrug my shoulders and go back to my room and smoke another head.” This show featured Phish’s debut from Night Nurse; original artist Gregory Isaacs died the night before, October 25, 2010. Weekapaug was heavily teased by Trey in Mango before the transition to Weekapaug himself. Weekapaug then contained a Can’t You Hear Me Knocking jam, which included lyrics from Ghost and Night Nurse, and was unfinished.

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