Aesop Rock Releases New Project ‘Freedom Finger (Music From The Game)’: Stream



Last year, veteran indie rap hero Aesop Rock teamed up with psychedelic producer Tobacco to release the album Malibu Ken. This year, alone this time, Aesop released an excellent single called “Rogue Wave”. Aesop remains one of the most underrated and inventive voices in rap, so it’s cool to hear that he now has a new project out in the world: a soundtrack for a video game where you play a giant middle finger.

New freedom finger is a side-scrolling fighting game in which you, the player, become a giant middle finger battling various enemies. The game is heavy on the music; it features tracks from the likes of Ty Segall, Power Trip, John Maus, Metz and Aesop Rock pal Tobacco. The game also has an Aesop Rock soundtrack. And right now, you don’t need to play the game to hear the soundtrack.

Today, Aesop released Freedom Finger (game music), his soundtrack album. It’s not a real album, or even really an EP, but it’s new music from Aesop Rock. The disc includes three new fully formed Aesop Rock songs: “Play Dead”, “KWOP” and “Hand On The Wheel”. They are all good. We also get instrumentals of these songs and “bonus beats” – quick bursts of a few seconds of instrumental music. Aesop produced the entire disc themselves, and you can stream it below.

The freedom finger The soundtrack is now available on Rhymesayers.

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