Aguero was tricked into saying ‘stroke my ***’ on live video game stream as model girlfriend Sofia makes him aware of the gaffe – The Sun



SERGIO AGUERO was brutally the victim of a Bart Simpson prankster who tricked him into sending a rude cry to a fake cousin.

Bart regularly made Moe the Bartender yell for people with names like Al Colholic and Hugh Jass in phone jokes in previous seasons of The Simpsons.

Sergio Aguero got a hilarious prank while playing video game live

This weekend, it was Aguero’s turn to fall victim to a prank as fans texted him while he streamed playing video games.

The Argentinian read: “Rosa Melano, es mi primo” – Spanish for “Rosa Melano, c’est ma cousin” – before acceding to a request to send her a greeting and send her a kiss.

What the father of a child took a few seconds to figure out is that while Rosa Melano could in theory be a woman’s first and last name, the combination of words read quickly is the same as the expression “Rozame el ano” which translates to the equivalent of “Stroke my a ***”.

Aguero suspected something was going on when he looked at the messages he was receiving and asked his girlfriend Sofia Calzetti why he was being made fun of.

The Argentinian model replied off-camera, “They don’t care what you said, Rosa Melano” and explained to her how he was the victim of a Bart Simpson-style prank.


The Manchester City star, 31, who admitted last week that Premier League footballers were ‘afraid’ of being forced back into action, took the joke in a good mood after some initial confusion.

He shrugged his shoulders and said in Spanish: “Sometimes you fall in love with these things, what can I say!”, Before laughing and adding: “I fell for this, I fell for this. “

Aguero, known by his nickname Kun in his native Argentina, honed his video game skills with the suspension from Premier League football.

His cute girlfriend filmed him playing games such as Fortnite and NBA 2K20, although his latest post showed him staying in shape by practicing his soccer skills in his large back garden.

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He admitted last week: “The majority of players are afraid because they have family, they have children, they have babies.

“When we get home, I imagine we’ll be very tense, we’ll be very careful and as soon as someone feels sick you’ll think, what happened there? “

“It scares me but I was just here with my girlfriend, I haven’t had any contact with other people.”

Sergio Agüero exercises in the back garden of the huge house of his girlfriend Sofía Calzetti

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