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Are you looking for a horror movie for Halloween? Consider them when feasting on the best candy in your treat bag. Like a sugar rush, the following movies will keep you awake at night much longer than expected.

“Coherence”: A dinner party goes haywire as a comet passes, creating power outages and an alternate universe that makes revelers question their existence. Produced with a budget of $ 50,000, writer-director James Ward Byrkit creates 90 minutes of dread. NR. Amazon Prime.

“The Empty Man”: Launched in theaters last October, this horror mystery is quickly becoming a cult favorite, pun intended. “The Empty Man” revolves around a secret group who summons a supernatural entity. After some of the story development, it becomes a weird nailbreaker. R. HBO Max.

“Evil Dead II”: Director Sam Raimi may be best known for his “Spider-Man” trilogy, but he started out in horror with low-budget gore festival “The Evil Dead”. The Camper Sequel shows our beloved Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) returning to the Haunted Cabin for some over-the-top scares, fights, and liners. R. HBO Max.

“Fog”: Writer-director John Carpenter has teamed up with his “Halloween” star Jamie Lee Curtis in this film about a mysterious fog settling over a small town. Carpenter’s works are frightening, but their unsettling nature sticks to your imagination. Pair it with a dual functionality of “The Thing” for maximum results. A. Amazon Prime.

“Halloween kills”: Writer Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green were stunned by their brutal 2018 take on masked murderer Michael Myers. How Myers continues to live remains confusing, but is it really Halloween without him? R. Peacock.

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“In the ground”: A scientist and a scout discuss a walk in the woods. What could possibly go wrong? Since Ben Wheatley (“Kill List”, “A Field in England”) wrote and directed this, it’s a safe bet that everything is going to turn left in madness. Here, Wheatley continues to shock with an overly current spirit story that is twisted as the world searches for a cure for a virus. R. Hulu.

“It comes at night”: “A Quiet Place” may have gotten all the box office receipts, but that horror has more guts. “It Comes at Night” is not based on fear of jumping, but rather paranoia as a family considers allowing another person into their home in the midst of a pseudo-zombie apocalypse. It is a stunner. A. Netflix.

“Muppets Haunted Mansion”: Okay, that’s not scary, but Gonzo visiting the Haunted Mansion is perfect for kids who want some fun in season. TV-PG. Disney +.

“Possessor”: A secret agent inhabits other people’s bodies using brain implant technology to assassinate targets. Writer-director Brandon Cronenberg’s sci-fi horror is extremely NSFW – think this year’s “Malignant”, but not stupid – and one of the best movies of 2020. NR. Hulu.

“Zodiac”: Best Picture from director David Fincher (sorry “Se7en” and “Fight Club” fans) is a disturbing proceeding of three men who become obsessed with solving the (still unsolved!) “Zodiac Killer” case. Confrontations between investigators and potential suspects are maximum creep levels. A. Netflix.

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