Call of Duty: How the US Army’s game stream ran into “issues”



You would be surprised to know that the main military weapons of the US armed forces have their own esports teams. The The American army, Navy and Air Force, have their own esports teams. It is one of the ways to connect with the civilian population and as such attract more people to a career in the military. Recently, during a Tic Flow of Call of Duty: Warzone, the esport of the American army channel received questions from viewers about american war crimes, according to a report from
The US Army esports channel on Twitch is not your regular Twitch channel. According to the report, it maintains its own chat rules that go beyond Twitch’s rules and guidelines. But it looks like the content moderators were a bit confused when the question about US war crimes came up. Therefore, the US military’s Twitch account has banned all other questions related to US war crimes, according to the report.
Esports reporter Rod Breslau posted a video clip of the stream on Twitter that shows a user asking the question in the chat: “What’s your favorite American war crime?” Then, a notification appears stating that the message could not be published due to the channel’s moderation settings. The question was rephrased as: “what is your favorite we w4r cr1me?” And posted again on the chat.

“Have a good time getting banned, mate,” Green Beret Joshua “Srotnium” David, the Army esport member, replied. The flow was stopped shortly after. On the resumption, only viewers who followed the channel for at least 24 hours were allowed to post in the chat.

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