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Ahead of a big hearing tomorrow that will determine if CBS can convince a judge to shut down ABC Tight, CBS fired another salvo.

CBS attorneys filed a further statement from the copyright expert on Thursday Jeff rovin, who claims in the 11-page document that ABC’s program is a “copy” of CBS Big Brother. Rovin examined Tight images broadcast by ABC on the Internet. Rovin’s statement is graced with imagery and he tries to make the case that the new series is noticeably similar to CBS’s longtime reality TV hit.

Rovin claims that Tight copy all of Big BrotherCamera angles of how he introduces the characters to viewers and even a “conversational pool / spa segment” impersonator.

Rread the document here

He adds:

“ABC and their creative team have introduced virtually nothing new to directing, camera work, directing, storytelling, wardrobe, or anything else that includes the expression of Big BrotherRovin wrote. “Considering all the possible extensions ABC could have introduced to the reality TV genre, the producers have clearly chosen to replicate what CBS has spent over a decade refining and perfecting.”

ABC began broadcasting the show live on Tuesday, a day before CBS demanded to see numerous material from the creation of the new series. CBS has also requested a copy of the show whether or not it is “final.” The judge has not yet made a decision on whether to compel ABC to hand over further documents, but the Big Brother The network tuned in to the CBS streaming release anyway.

In one example, Rovin compared similar footage of a blonde woman from both shows and wrote: Big Brother ten is clearly indistinguishable from Tight. “

Rovin goes so far as to mention the similarity of the colors of the draperies and cushions

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As THR previously reported, CBS argues that Tight infringes the intellectual property of Big Brother and that the trade secrets obtained by at least 19 old Big Brother employees are used to create the new show.

ABC denies that Tight, due to debut on June 18, is an imitator, claiming that the “processes and techniques [are] already well known to anyone who has worked in reality TV ”and that none of the alleged similarities between the shows constitutes a copyrightable material.

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Despite the lawsuit, ABC moved forward by advertising the show and announcing the casting. But behind the scenes, an urgent legal drama is playing out. CBS is working hard to prevent the show from airing, filing a May 31 motion for court permission to expedite the fact-finding process for a preliminary injunction motion. ABC retaliated with its own court record.

CBS is represented by Scott edelman and a team from Gibson Dunn & Crutcher from LA. ABC is replaced by Glenn pomerantz and a team from Munger Tolles & Olson. Rosen is replaced by Devin McRae from Early Sullivan in LA.

Glass House is slated for release on June 18.

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