Despite Twitch’s DMCA issues, music stream views showed significant growth throughout May


Twitch hasn’t lacked any issues in music lately, but the music streams are still going strong according to the recent report from StreamElements.

If you’ve been following Twitch and its rules, you are probably aware of just how strict the rules have become regarding licensed music and DMCA withdrawals on the streaming platform over the past year or so. Twitch has provided a few solutions, but many streamers still need to be exorbitantly careful to ensure their content doesn’t get claimed or hit. You’d think this is hampering music-specific streaming, but according to StreamElements and’s recent State of the Stream report for May, music streaming on Twitch has actually increased month-to-month.

StreamElements has published its May 2021 State of Flow Report on June 17, 2021, with data from its analytics partner He understood quite a few statistics. For one thing, Resident Evil Village has surpassed the top ten categories, after launching last month. For two, and perhaps more surprisingly, the musical flows multiply. DJs, indie music stages, and Rolling Stone’s arrival on Twitch in March resulted in huge growth in music streams throughout May – over 25 million hours watched.

Top popular music streamers like Sintica and matthewkheafy were joined by Rolling Stone, who just started streaming on Twitch in March 2021.
Top popular music streamers like Sintica and matthewkheafy were joined by Rolling Stone, who just started streaming on Twitch in March 2021.

It was in October 2020 that Twitch streamers saw a sudden influx of DMCA takings on their VOD logs, in some cases forcing the takedown of hundreds of hours of content. It followed the final release of Soundtrack by Twitch, which was supposed to provide a DMCA-compatible solution to music while streaming, and Twitch himself apologized and shared information on how to avoid content claims. , but the situation has always been troubling. on the feasibility of having music streaming.

That said, it looks like a few months after these issues have occurred and the community has acclimated, the music is louder than ever on Twitch. Whether by indie or established musical talent, people from all walks of life are keeping the pace on the most popular streaming platform and it will be interesting to see if the category continues to grow with bands like Rolling Stone’s. officially involving in the streaming scene.

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