Former Creation Records Big Boss Alan McGee Launches New Label 359 Music (play tracks from some of their signatures)


From 1983-1999, Alan McGee ran Creation records who started life releasing obscure independent bands (like his own band Biff Bang Pow) but became a major force in the shoegaze / Britpop era thanks to bands like My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Oasis and Super Furry Animals. When that label took its course, McGee started Poptones, a smaller scale label that housed Cosmic Rough Riders, Oranger, Ping Pong Bitches and others. Anyone remember the Poptones parties McGee did at Don Hill’s in 2001?

Poptones went out of business in 2007 and McGee has been silent ever since. Until now. He just announced a new label, 359 Music. Allan informs us via press release:

Recently I have found myself reinvigorated by new music after spending 5 years away from music living in rural Wales, and from which there has been a lot of talk about how I will return to music. As recently reported in the press, my initial plan was to strike a deal with a major in Japan. But in the end, I realized that I didn’t want to come back to music through a major music label – that’s not what I want to be a part of. That’s when I had a conversation with Iain McNay from Cherry Red and we pretty quickly put our heads together and developed a much better deal between us for 359 Music which will be a joint venture with Cherry Red …

… My vision for 359 Music is a launching pad for new talent and some older talent that is overlooked. We plan to release an average of a dozen new bands per year – maybe more if I find a lot of new talent that I like. Hopefully some of the artists will stick around and do lots of albums with 359, but some will move on and that’s just the nature of the musical beast.

Among the first signings at 359 are the singer-songwriter from Liverpool Chris Grant; 15 year old folk singer John lennon mccullagh (that’s really his name); promising British / French electronic act Mineral (not to be confused with the emo group from the 90s, this one stars Craig Walker of the Power of Dreams group of the early 90s); and Shooting club cemetery which is the new group of Alex Lowe who was the frontman of Hurricane # 1 (the band Andy Bell started when Ride broke up). You can stream one track of each of them below.

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