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Tonight Frank Ocean returned to the mysterious web feed which he launched two weeks ago, sharing new music as he assembled a set of wooden boxes on a staircase. The lone singer-songwriter debuted with new music during the stream, including new versions of songs that had been performed on the stream in the previous weeks, this time with the voice of Ocean. Find our live blog of music and visuals from the stream so far below. Update (8/18 11:59 PM EST): Frank Ocean has released a new visual album, Unending, featuring much of the new music that was shared during its webcast.

10:49 p.m. EST: Ballad song, sparse except for Ocean’s voice and an acoustic guitar.

10:52 p.m .: This appears to be a studio version of Ocean’s cover of “At Your Best (You Are Love)”, a famous cover by Aaliyah and originally by the Isley Brothers.

10:55 p.m .: The track features rap on the ocean, including the line “I’m in London tonight / And it’s too expensive”.

11:00 p.m. Auto-Tuned stacks of vocals, and what looks like reverse vocals too.

11:01 p.m .: More Ocean bars, on a soft and minimalist rhythm. This song was played earlier in the stream.

11:07 p.m .: Ocean seems to narrow its stairs. Meanwhile, music looped back to the song which was played at 10:49 p.m.

11:12 p.m .: Digitally distorted charleys and high-pitched vocal samples interact to a languid rhythm.

11:13 p.m .: A faster song, with what sounds like “Freestyle on me” in the lyrics. The verses feature Frank’s rap, and much of the song’s production relies on an acoustic guitar. The second half of the song opens with backing vocals and sparkling synth pads before those pads morph into a more broken down B section with another rap verse from Ocean.

11:18 p.m .: Opens with Bon Iver-style vocoder work, before transforming into a trap rhythm that lingers for some time before a huge change in key, accompanied by a choral section of Beach Boys-style vocal harmonies .

11:21 p.m .: Electric guitar plays behind a soulful vocal performance from Ocean, as well as input from an unidentified female voice. Ocean is also nearing completion on its staircase, placing the last step at the top.

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