Genshin Impact’s live music stream places a waypoint on the Alps



Earlier today, a livestream showing that a Genshin Impact waypoint has been erected in the Alps has been uploaded on the official Genshin Impact Twitch channel. The stream was accompanied by live performances of several songs from the in-game Dragonspine region, played by the game’s main composer alongside other live musicians (who we can only assume were paid in Primo Gems ).

The stream, however, cut out musical performances on several occasions. There was footage of Genshin’s character Klee climbing Dragonspine Mountain and passing waypoints to match the theme. An Arataki Itto cosplayer also appeared for some reason and was seen skiing in a frankly hilarious deviation from what everyone expected.

The event took place following the participation of one million players in the web event “Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars” in December. During this event, players had to write their own souvenir cards with their good wishes.

This resulted in useful in-game rewards such as Mora and Primo gems once a certain number of players participated. Among these souvenir packs, a few lucky ones were selected and displayed during the live broadcast of the event.

Some of the wishes seen include genuine wishes for the New Year, while others were predictably hopes for five-star genshin characters that have eluded us all thus far. That can’t hurt your chances, can it?

After the footage showing the waypoint over the Alps, we were also treated to one last live performance of some more Dragonspine music – this time with a full choir to lend some vocals.

Despite the lack of Primo gem giveaways or new reveals, the stream was a wholesome celebration and a really cool watch… Hey, I wonder how long they left that waypoint? Is he still standing? If you are in the Alps, let us know!

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