HOLTEK attaches great importance to STREAM educational concepts and launches Music STREAM creative musical instruments and smart toy solutions



STREAM education is a new educational concept of a new generation, combining science, technology, reading and writing, engineering, arts and mathematics. It brings inspiration and invention to help students improve their practical problem-solving skills. As this new trend in education will have a great influence on national competitiveness in the future, it plays an important role in global education policies.

HOLTEK Semiconductor (HOLTEK) uses microcontroller technology as well as product creativity to promote STREAM educational products:

1. HOLTEK launched new generation 32-bit music synthesis MCUs: HT32F61355, HT32F61356 and HT32F61357.
2. HOLTEK has developed a audio workshopan audio development platform, to help customers efficiently create diverse and interdisciplinary educational products.
3. HOLTEK provides a variety of Music STREAM creative musical instruments and smart toy application solutions.

HOLTEK launches a range of Music STREAM creative musical instruments and smart toy solutions

A new generation of 32-bit music synthesis MCU

Based on the Arm Cortex -M0+ core, they are high performance, low power 32-bit microcontrollers. The devices have a maximum operating frequency of 48 MHz with a memory capacity of 128 KB ROM, 16 KB RAM and 32 Mbit ~ 128 Mbit Data Flash. In addition, these devices offer a wide range of peripherals and communication interfaces. Fully equipped with an internal 32-channel MIDI music engine, these devices can simultaneously exploit the 32-channel wavetable synthesis function and provide stereophonic outputs at the same time. Data waveforms synthesized by the wavetable, such as musical instrument timbres, MIDI musical melodies, voice, sound effects, etc., can all be directly stored in the data memory internal. This can then be used in the development of electronic organs, digital pianos, electronic drums, electric guitars, electronic accordions as well as other musical products, can even be used in the vehicle’s acoustic warning system (AVAS) for electric vehicles.

Audio development platform (Audio Workshop)

The HT32F6135x series devices are equipped with a powerful calculation engine. When used with the proprietary audio development platform, Audio Workshop, these devices can implement pre-release evaluation and post-development design. This will provide enhanced editing and quick setup of music, same as voice, sound effects, phrases and other audio content. The audio workshop has multiple functions such as optimized editing, switching customers’ unique timbres, adjusting ADSR parameters, real-time updating of timbre parameters and simulated sound effects, etc. The use can also be extended with various sensors and functional modules, allowing developers to rapidly develop voice, music, smart toys as well as many other audio products.

Creative Music STREAM demo products and solutions

HOLTEK has integrated both Music and STREAM to launch various creative product application solutions.

7 creative instrument solutions:

Sophisticated lighting effect products can thus be created, such as “illuminated electronic drums” and “electronic punch board” percussion instruments as well as “gesture-controlled drum” percussion instruments. Additionally, there are simulated traditional musical instruments with interactive lighting, “electronic wind instruments” and “electronic pianos with weighted keys“. These parts can be divided and joined to form “combined instruments” put together a music set. All electronic musical instruments can be played directly through “MIDI speakers”which can be paired with an app for smart teaching and enhanced gameplay, lowering the learning threshold for beginners.

5 smart toy solutions:

Products such as “RGB Combination Light Panels“, “building blocks creative toys” and “colorful caterpillars” are platform products that include sound and light to create creative products for children. “humanoid robots” with multiple built-in sensors are high-end intelligent interactive experiential products that can be freely separated and spliced ​​and combined into various shapes, when used with an application for graphic programming. “RGB screen card music early education machines” can read educational cards, with mini-games to incorporate both educational activities and games.

1 childcare solution:

A “smart crib” can switch automatically. Combined with soothing music, it helps babies fall asleep more comfortably and peacefully. It has a foot piano module for audio interaction as well as intelligent weighing and temperature measurement functions. With APP management and cloud data logging functions, parents can be relieved from the worry and pressure of baby parents.

STREAM education focuses on interdisciplinary applications with an emphasis on cultivating creativity and improving the quality of student studies. Here, HOLTEK provides one-stop Music STREAM demo solutions and products, allowing customers to promote STREAM education in the easiest and most effective way. For anyone interested in such applications, please contact our sales teams for more information on potential business opportunities.

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