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Good news, web feed listeners, the Boise State Public Radio news feed has been updated to be a more reliable streaming service. It means your online listening experience should be better.

The technical change means that your internet browser may have saved a previous version of one of our web feeds.

There is a quick solution to clear this browser or saved cache.

If you are using a Windows machine, refresh your browser by pressing CTRL and F5 simultaneously.

If you are using a Mac machine, refresh your browser by simultaneously pressing OPT, CMD, E.

If hard refresh is not enough, restart your computer.

If you are trying to listen through a third-party application like TuneIn or iTunes, we are working with those services to update the streaming information for Boise State Public Radio. We recommend listening through the NPR app or our website.


  • The best way to access Boise State Public Radio streams on a computer is via the pop-up player (live listen button) at
  • The flow is the most functional in these browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • The best way to access feeds on a tablet or mobile device is via the live listening pop-up player at WHERE by free NPR application (available in your app store).

* Listeners can also access these three streams through third party services such as TuneIn, however, we have no control over these services and cannot provide user support.
Assuming you’re trying to listen to one of the three web streams on a computer, here’s something to try. Before doing any of the steps below, refresh your browser, press Ctrl + F5 simultaneously if you are using a PC.

If you are using a Mac machine with Safari, refresh your browser by simultaneously pressing OPT, CMD, E.

If that still doesn’t work, restart your machine.

If that still doesn’t work, clear your browser’s cache and cookies, usually located in the “history” drop-down list.

If refreshing, restarting and clearing browser cache doesn’t work …

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “listen live” and select news, classical or jazz to invite the player
  3. Still can’t hear? Click on “help or comments” and you’ll see other ways to listen, including MP3, iTunes, or Windows Media Player.

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