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Online streaming is a growing market. It’s both fun and a quick way to make money, but the competition in this niche is fierce. Expected to grow at a CAGR of 9% by 2026, the industry is already worth more than $173.7 billion.

So how can you get a slice of the pie? The key is in promoting your online gaming stream. Here’s how:

Spread the word through online communities

There are different types of online gaming communities. You will find exclusive forums, social media groups, and websites where people discuss online gaming, streaming, and more. Be a part of these communities and promote your online gaming stream.

You can do this by engaging with other users or posting paid content. It might also be a good idea to try out different game poster designs and add them to your signature (if allowed) or post. The graphics are attractive and will grab the viewer’s attention quickly.

Reddit could be a great place to start. He is well known and has a high engagement rate. Some relevant and popular subreddits include r/gaming, r/speedrunning, and r/gamernews. Ideally, find a community relevant to the game(s) you are streaming.

Organize contests and giveaways

Few marketing tactics are as effective as contests and giveaways. This can be done in two ways:

  • Organize contests on your social networks to promote your online gaming stream.
  • Host contests during your stream to keep people glued and coming back.

Both tactics can work, and we suggest experimenting with each to find which offers better results.

Run campaigns on your social media platform to get more followers, then work to get those followers to check out your streaming page. Likewise, have contests while you’re streaming so people have a reason to keep watching until you announce the winners. This trick can increase your retention rate and attract new viewers.

Prizes may include merchandise, discounted games, or a chance to be part of your stream.

Advertise as much as you can

Almost all major streaming platforms, including Facebook Gaming, YouTube, and Twitch, allow users to place ads. Be smart and place some on other streaming pages to attract more viewers.

Although advertisements can be beneficial, it can be very difficult to create compelling advertisements. They should be creative, interesting, fun and exciting. Spend time finding platforms you want to advertise on. It might be a good idea to stick with the platform you’re streaming on, but feel free to explore other options.

You can also promote your stream by updating your profile on YouTube by creating a YouTube channel artwork to let those who visit your channel know about your stream, or by creating a custom banner on Twitch.

Next, think about your demographics and the page you want to target. You will get a good ROI only if you target the right person.

Also, don’t just work on the ad, but also on your feed. New users shouldn’t feel lost when they arrive on your page. Create an easy-to-understand stream for new viewers. Come up with a smart intro, CTA, etc. Also, make sure there is always content to watch. This can be done by saving old streams for users to view.

Join the Game Media

Gaming media, including gaming websites, have a strong presence on the internet. They post all kinds of content, from reviews to news to interviews. Get in touch with gaming publications and make a mutually beneficial deal. This tip will work if you are already an established influencer/player or if you are offering something unique. Therefore, we suggest working on the timeliness of your feed before you start tackling gaming media.

Gaming posts are ready by thousands and can be a great way to increase your reach. Most will post content for free, but some might charge for sponsored content. Some of the more popular names include GameSpot, IGN, and Polygon.

Work with an influencer

Look for other in-game influencers to partner with. You can stream together and leverage each other’s audience. Since this is a mutually beneficial deal, most influencers will agree to work with you. However, try to find an influencer who is in the same niche as yours and has a similar number of viewers and followers.

That’s all you need to know about promoting your online gaming stream. Remember that mere promotion won’t be enough if your content isn’t great, so be sure to work on your streaming skills as well. You don’t want to end up repeating Ludwig’s mistake.

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