Hustler Cash Game Stream has been called a ‘clown show’ after Armenian Mike’s savage antics

November 20

In a recent Hustler Live gambling, Armenian Mike made a game that some players at the table interrogates. This is not something new, however, and in view of its repeated offenses, it looks like Mike will continue to do these controversial pieces.

“I’m ready”

Hustler Live hosted a $ 25 / $ 50 gambling with all the familiar faces like Garrett adelstein and Israeli Ron. The hand began normally; Mike woke up with QQ in the starting position, got a 3-bet from RB’s AA in the cutoff, and Mike called.

Just before the flop, RB briefly said: “I have a big hand” and Armenian Mike responded by saying, “I have a big pair.” When the flop fell on Q32 Mike immediately said he had a set. “I have the whole” he said as the flop spread out.

“I have the whole” Mike said again, returning his hand before the turn came. The two checked and Mike won a skinny $ 925 compared to what he could have done with that cooler.

One of the commentators expressed his distaste for the play, saying: “Hoot. It’s a clown show. According to Mike, he didn’t want to take RB’s money, which is why he returned his hand.

We don’t know who it was, but someone said that they weren’t allowed to do something like that during the game. This infuriated Mike.

“Who the fuck is the problem?” Whoever wants to do [something] we can do it. F *** everyone.

RB wasn’t so crazy as chances are all the chips would have gone in the middle if Mike hadn’t shown him his hand.

Some Editors expressed their disapproval of the piece by calling it connivance, while others have taken a totally different stance saying that players like Mike are the reason these bigger games work. Anyway, Mike is no stranger to pieces like this.


In 2018, Armenian Mike signed up one of the stickiest angle shots captured by the camera. With nothing but a failed straight draw on the river, Mike pushed his $ 10,000 stack in a $ 900 jar directly in the host Ryan feldmanit’s the full house.

When Feldman called, Mike instantly withdrew his chips and said he was joking. The word was called and it was declared that the decision to take Mike’s chips or not to rest with Feldman.

After a debate of nearly ten minutes between the floor and the players, Mike finally left his stack with Feldman. Following the fiasco, Mike was banned from Live At The Bike and the Aria Casino.

If the Armenian Mike is notorious for making games that are bad for both gaming and live stream, why does Ryan Feldman allow him to play on his games? Although some consider the Armenian Mike to be a whale that brings action, there comes a time when it’s not worth it for viewers. What do you think?

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