Myf Warhurst to host music stream for The Long Weekender in June 2021



Myf Warhurst believes she may have been to every music festival ever. But she can always choose “this moment”.

It was Meredith, of course. The Dirty Three were playing. It was that night in 2004 when the storm swept through and embraced the stage in electric and elemental harmony.

Join Myf Warhurst, Wally Kempton of The Meanies, Adalita of Magic Dirt and Liam Gough of The Teskey Brothers for The Long Weekender on Monday.Credit:Justin mcmanus

“There were lightning and thunder, it was almost like a religious experience,” she recalls. “The Dirty Three are transformers, they transport you. But in storms and thunder, in nature too, oh! I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

Warhurst was called, on very short notice, to present The long weekend, a free stream of some of the best sets from Victorian music festivals of the past two decades, online Monday.

It is supported by the Victorian government, with $ 360,000 to be distributed among the artists and festivals that feature in the show. It will take you to Falls, Meredith, Queenscliff, Golden Plains, Brunswick and A Day on the Green and more, and features electrifying sets from Victorian artists such as You Am I, Frente !, The Teskey Brothers, The Dirty Three, Courtney Barnett and Spider.


This week, officials from several of these festivals signed an open letter to the government, alongside other big names in music, the arts and hospitality, pleading for the sector to be allowed to reopen as quickly as possible. following the last “circuit breaker”. ” confinement.

The letter warned of the industry’s financial ruin: Festivals fear a repeat of the Bluesfest fate earlier this year, canceled at the last minute by the NSW government after infectious visitors from Queensland led to a local transmission case in Byron Bay.

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