NVIDIA GeForce Now Adds Priority Level, Game Stream Quality Features, Holds Line For Founders



Important changes are coming for NVIDIA’s popular GeForce Now cloud gaming service. GeForce Now celebrated its 1st anniversary in early February and currently has 9 million subscribers.

At launch, GeForce Now offered two levels of service: Free and Founders. The first offered standard access to GeForce Now with one-hour sessions. The latter, which cost $ 4.99 / month, offered priority access, extended session times, and RTX support. NVIDIA announced today that the free tier will remain, but the Founders tier will no longer be available to new subscribers.

Instead, NVIDIA is introducing a new Priority subscription for $ 9.99 / month. It should be noted that there is no difference in characteristics between the old Founders membership and its new Priorité counterpart; only the price has changed. If you want to save a bit on your subscription, NVIDIA also offers the Priority subscription every year for $ 99.99.

Before you take your forks out that the price is actually doubling compared to Founders Membership, there is some good news for existing subscribers. NVIDIA says the current founders (with active subscriptions as of March 17e) will keep their price of $ 4.99 / month for as long as they want, “as long as the account is in good standing”. So while it may be a bummer for those who sat on the sidelines and missed their opportunity to lock in the $ 4.99 price tag, it’s good to see NVIDIA rewarding early adopters.

“As GeForce Now enters its second year and quickly nears 10 million members, the service is poised to give a boost. Statement.” On Thursday, Founders memberships will be closed to new registrations and priority memberships, the news said. premium offer, will be introduced. “

GeForce NOW services enhanced with Adaptive Vsync

In addition to the price changes, NVIDIA also announced quality updates for GeForce NOW, including Adaptive VSync. “The feature syncs frame rates to 60 or 59.94 Hz on the server side to match the client side display, reducing stuttering and latency on supported games,” NVIDIA wrote in a blog post. . “New adaptive jitter suppression technology will also allow us to increase bit rates for better quality over choppy networks.” The improved quality over a wider range of Internet connections seems to be great news for gamers.

NVIDIA is also increasing its capacity, with new servers deployed in Phoenix and Montreal to serve its most active markets. And with the help of account linking, you will be able to access popular games faster than ever before. NVIDIA is implementing preloading for game updates, which should reduce load times by up to 50%.

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