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HP partners with Parsec to bring OMEN Game Stream service to HP OMEN devices. The service will be similar to that of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which allows you to remotely play Xbox or PS4 games from your console to your PC. The OMEN Game Stream service will allow you to stream games from a high-end computer, using it as a host, and play them on a low-end system.

Parsec is a New York-based company that created game streaming technology with patent pending software for low latency, high frame rate video streaming networking protocols and video capture.

HP OMEN and Parsec are collaborating on the OMEN Game Stream experience on HP OMEN series devices that run Windows 10, allowing you to use your old laptops or PCs to play from there. It’s cool to see this done, but the downside is that if you want to try this, you’ll have to own or plan to own an OMEN device while having an older laptop or PC handy. John Ludwig, head of gaming products at HP, said this when talking about the OMEN team and Parsec.

The OMEN team is continually looking to improve the gaming experience and the value we can deliver to gamers. As network performance continues to improve rapidly, we wondered if we could allow our customers to bring their OMEN experience with them when they leave their computers behind. When Parsec showed us the ability of their streaming technology to deliver low latency and consistent frame rates, we knew we had to work with them so that OMEN customers could enjoy the performance of their OMEN anytime and anywhere. ‘anywhere – if the network allows it.

Even Parsec co-founder Benjy Boxer was excited to team up with HP.

Parsec is designed to give gamers access to their games so that they can play from anywhere, high speed internet connection is available on any device. We are extremely excited to be working with HP to make OMEN Gaming PCs a platform for playing games and ensuring that their customers can play games without sitting in front of their PC. This makes the OMEN PC valuable both inside and outside the home, allowing gamers to continue playing wherever they are.

There are a few caveats that HP is telling people looking to try out this new streaming app. On the one hand, HP suggests that you use a 5 GHz WiFi AC connection with 25 Mbps if you plan to get 1080p 60 Hz or 10 Mbps streaming for 720p 60 Hz performance. Second, all Windows edition devices 10 may not work with this program. Systems may require an update or new hardware to run this program.

What does this mean for people who currently own an HP OMEN device like me? This means that these owners can activate a Game Stream account and download the OMEN Command Center app from the Microsoft Store when it is released. I know I will try this program when it comes out in the spring.

For those who have HP OMEN products and are streaming or planning to stream to another computer, are you considering trying this new OMEN Game Stream program? Let us know by leaving your comments below, or on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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Last updated January 21, 2018.

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