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Tonight (April 14), Phishing will replay the performance in three sets from 08/22/15, the second day of the group Magnaball party at Watkins Glen International in Watkins Glen, NY, as the fourth episode of their ongoing archival webcast / kitchen series, Dinner and movie.

Phish – Magnaball – 08/22/15 [Three Sets] – Dinner and movie Ep. 4

[Video: Phish]

While Phish has shared stellar shows so far as part of Dinner and movie (including the show “F— You Face” on 08/31/12, Merriweather’s “Tweezerfest” on 07/27/14 and Baker’s Dozen “Jam-Filled” party on 07/25/17), fans are very excited about this week’s return to Magnaball.

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The group’s 10th festival took place at the end of a very eventful summer in the Phish world. As well as crowning one of the best summer tours of the time (not counting Dick’s “Thank You” note that took place a few weeks later), Magnaball also arrived a few months later. Trey Anastasio served as guitarist for the Grateful deadthe celebration of the 50th anniversary of, Goodbye. The extensive training Trey underwent to prepare for his concerts in the Dead Universe came in spades during Phish’s next summer tour.

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Even beyond the extremely high level of play that summer, fans fondly remember Magnaball as the last successful Phish Festival. We say “successfully” here because the group made have another festival planned at Watkins Glen in 2018. Curveball, which was scheduled to take place August 17-19, was canceled due to an abnormal environmental / public health situation moments before the band was supposed to begin their soundcheck.

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The unceremonious cancellation of Curveball further strengthened Magnaball as an all-time memory of Phish for many fans. Hopefully we’ll be back together there soon (or anywhere). Taste the turbidity of the Curveball fiasco with “Requiem For A Curveball: Reflecting On The Phish Festival That Almost Was”.

While the Magnaball Dinner and movie The episode will consist of three sets (the “set of the day” and the two sets of the evening), 8/22/15 at Magnaball saw Phish perform four sets. After the third and final “regular” set of the day, fans drifted through the Glurt and to the huge drive-in cinema screen of the pitch for a “secret,” an impromptu late-night set, now known. under the name of “Drive-In” Jam “.

Update 04/15/2020: As many expected, “Surprise” Phish posted a single-camera feed of their “Drive-In Jam” to their social media accounts after the three rounds. Dinner and movie.

Of course, the fun of a Phish festival doesn’t end with the show, or even with the “secret set”. From ditch parties to general late-night shenanigans, Watkins Glen campgrounds raged through the night after the festivities scheduled for 8/22/15. Following Tonight’s Phish Dinner and movie flux, Life show will broadcast their full “live from the lot” video coverage Saturday night at Magnaball. You can log in tonight via the Show of Life Facebook page.

Get a taste of the hilarity with the Show of Life Magnaball trailer below:

Show of Life – Magnaball Saturday Cover

[Video: Show of Life]

If you’re looking for a few laughs before the broadcast kicks off, head over to the Magnaball website and browse the festival’s very fun FAQ page which answers questions as pressing as “Can I bring my iWatch at $ 20,000? (Answer: “I guess? Sounds like you just want to brag”), “Will there be pay phones?” (Answer: “No, we are not in 1982”), and “In space, can anyone hear you screaming? (Answer: “No”).

Below, you can also check out a pair of Magnaball photo galleries via Dave vann and Patrick Hugues.

Let’s put this show on the road! Tune in at 7 p.m. tonight as Phish Dinner and movie brings us back to Magnaball!

Setlist: Phish | Magnaball | Watkins Glen, New York State | 08/22/15

Set One: Divided Sky, The Moma Dance> Mound, Army of One, Fourreau> Sample in a jar, tube, halfway to the moon, a camel ride, how many people are you, when the circus is coming, mine> run like an antelope

Second set: Wolfman’s brother, Halley’s comet> 46 days -> Back to the bottom of the digital line> Tweezers> Prince Caspian

Set three: Meatstick> Blaze On -> Possum> Cities -> Mind Left Body Jam> Cities> Light> 555, Wading in the Velvet Sea> Walls of the Cave

Encore: Boogie On Reggae Woman> Tweezer Reprise

Secret box: Drive-In Jam

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