Player exceeds $ 30,000 goal for 24-hour charity play stream



(03/09/17) – In less than 24 hours, Joshua Stinson’s Extra Life team,

, raised over $ 30,000 for Hurley Children’s Hospital.

Last year the team raised $ 30,000 over the course of the year. This included donations before the flow, during the flow and after. Donations continued to arrive after the livestream ended.

The same will likely happen this year once live video game streaming ends. Josh said he wanted to earn as much or a little more than what they collected last year. Mission accomplished. At the last check-up, donations amounted to $ 30,470.

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(8/31/17) – A Genesee High School graduate and a team of video game players put their skills to use in a 24-hour live game session for charity.

“I just do it because it’s fun to do even though standing all day is kind of a nightmare for my work schedule,” said Joshua Stinson.

Stinson, his girlfriend, his best friend and his best friend’s wife joined the game’s global marathon, Extra Life, to help Hurley Children’s Hospital in 2016.

“We broadcast 24 hours straight playing video games, not falling asleep all the time, and while we broadcast and entertain people, we encourage viewers to donate.”

Josh, who goes by player name Chip Cheezum, had already built a solid following through the game. His team, Gextra Life has received donations from as far away as Japan, Australia and the list goes on.

“Apparently the money we raised last year was basically the amount needed to build an entire exam room, so yeah we had to go and it was just super nice to know that the whole exam room. this hospital was funded just by one weekend’s efforts for us really. “

Hurley named the exam room after Joshua and the team.

The University of Michigan alumnus-Flint now works for a video game developer in Illinois called Volition, but the charity flow keeps him connected to his hometown. At 11 a.m. on Saturday, Josh’s team will start again.

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