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Tonight, Tuesday March 30, Phishing will air the group’s show on April 4, 1998 in Providence, RI de la Island visit as the 32nd episode of the ongoing archival webcast / kitchen series, Dinner and movie. Tune in below at 8:30 p.m. ET and scroll down to follow our 4/4/98 stream companion.

Phishing Dinner and movie Episode 32 – 4/4/98, Providence, RI [STREAM]

[Video: Phish]

This 32nd installment of Dinner and movie follows last month’s 02/22/19 screening in Riviera Maya, MX. Scroll down the list of all the last 32 Dinner and cinema and their accompanying flow companions below:

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This month’s one Dinner and movie the beneficiary will be Northeastern Organic Agriculture Association. All donations made through the WaterWheel Foundation will be divided between their NY and RI chapters. Donate anytime here. The Northeast Organic Farming Association is an organization of farmers, consumers, gardeners and environmentalists who work together to promote organic farming and organic land care practices resulting in a sustainable regional food system that is ecologically healthy , economically viable and socially just. For more information, go here.

Before tonight’s 1998 Providence Phish Dinner and movie stream, you can connect to SiriusXM Anti-Phishing Radio from 6:00 p.m. for a two-part takeover featuring Cincinnati Reds noted Phish pitcher / fan, Sean Doolittle. Following an interview with Ari fink at six, Doolittle will host a new episode of Crowd control. For more information, go here. For those who miss it in real time, Doolittle’s Crowd control The episode will air again this Saturday, April 3 at 10:00 a.m.ET.

In terms of live Phish, we know about as much about the fate of this summer’s tour – currently still on the books after being rescheduled from 2020 – as we did the last time we got there. are registered for a Dinner and movie Stream companion. Trey Anastasio gave an interview on local television in which he referred to the undefinable plans being made – “I can’t say details, but I have heard details. I have a secret ”, but we are still waiting for the picture of the pandemic to continue to develop. What better way to spend that time than with a gem of a show from perhaps the most famous four-show series in the band’s career?

Let’s set the scene: Phish had just emerged from an evolutionary year in 1997 during which the group increasingly incorporated new creative elements such as minimalist “cow funk” and spatial improvisation derived from intra-communication. quasi telepathic band. The start of 1998 was slated into the band’s schedule as a time to flesh out and rehearse material for what would become Phish’s seventh studio album, 1998’s. The story of the ghost, with a tour scheduled to resume in Europe in June.

After getting together to work on the new material, however, the enthusiastic group hatched a plan for a brief run of shows in April. Announced on February 24, just over a month before the start of the race, the brief jaunt would take Phish to Long Island on April 2 and 3, then to Rhode Island on April 4 and 5. In no time, the four-night stretch was called the “Island Tour”.

Of course, this race isn’t just known for its short turnaround time or its pretty name – the Island visit concerns jams. Over the course of those four shows, the group performed some of the best Phish improvisations fans have ever seen, taking both new selections and old staples into creative and open waters.

Tonight’s phish Dinner and movie brings us back to the third of four Island visit shows and the first of two at Civic Center of Providence. The opening of 4/4/98 quickly showed the group’s free and creative state of mind during the Spring ’98 race. The show started off at a brisk pace with a long “Tweezer” jam but did not include the “Tweezer Reprise” that normally accompanies it. Why? Well, the band had wrapped up a show without “Tweezing” with “Tweeprise” the night before in Nassau, reversing the couple in an exciting way.

The spacious “Tweezer” has given way to a strong “Taste” based on a rock solid Mike Gordon. After a brief “Bouncing Around The Room”, a scorching “Funky Bitch” and a spirited “Ginseng Sullivan”, “Limb By Limb” became the next jam vehicle of the first set. A brief, tension-building Type I jam eventually spilled into a “Lawn Boy” breather and “Character Zero” rocker as the set closed. Excellent play all around – a solid first set – but the real magic here came during the second frame.

It’s really hard to pick just one highlight from the 4/4/98 second set at Providence. The whole flows from extraordinary jam to extraordinary jam with remarkable fluidity. “Birds of a Feather”, the only song to be played twice during the Island visit, started the second set after making his debut on 2/4/98 at the Nassau Coliseum. Rumbling like a runaway train, this manic ride bubbled and boiled with ominous intensity throughout its 15-minute run.

Taking the flight even higher, the end of “BOAF” patiently turned into a long journey “2001”. Next? “Brother”, with a big jam. After that? “Ghost”, with a big slow funk jam, “un-friendly radio” and a soft landing in “The Lizards”. Not enough jam? How about finishing the second set with a 15 minute “David Bowie”. Still not satisfied? It’s a bit greedy, but I guess we can run a 16 minute “Harry Hood” encore. Always not finished? Okay, how about we come back and start again tomorrow night.

It’s not hard to determine why this show and tour is among the most celebrated the band has ever performed. Exceptional musicality, otherworldly group improvisation and endless energy radiate from virtually every second of the recordings. While 1997 was a pivotal year for the development of Phish, Island visit was the realization of this evolution, setting the course of the group for the remainder of the century.

Tune in to episode 32 of Phish Dinner and movie with 4/4/98 in Providence, RI from Island visit tonight at 8:30 p.m.

Setlist: Phish | Providence Civic Center | Providence, RI | 4/4/98

Set One: Tweezers> Taste, Bounce Around The Room, Funky Bitch, Ginseng Sullivan, Limb By Limb, Lawn Boy, Character Zero

Set Two: Birds of a Feather> Also Sprach Zarathustra[1] > Brother[2], Ghost -> The Lizards, David Bowie

Again: Harry Hood

[1] Unfinished.
[2] With a short instrumental cover.

2001 contained a tease of Trey’s Long Train Runnin ‘and was unfinished. Brother included a short match from Dave’s Energy Guide and was followed by a short instrumental cover, which was heralded as the “radio-friendly version”. Trey contrasted this with the normal version, which was deemed incompatible with the radio due to its length. Ghost, who Trey jokingly pointed out was also not suited for radio because he’s long and slow, included an I Can’t Turn You Loose tease. This show is available as an archive on

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