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Lorde has been off the radar since releasing her second studio album, Melodrama, in 2017. The “Green Light” & “Royals” singer has been busy with other life projects and events. She mourned her dog Pearl, who sadly passed away. In 2020, she is coming out To the south, which is a book documenting his trip to Antarctica in January 2019.

Now Lorde is preparing to release her third album. The problem with that, well, oh boy, there were a lot of problems for Lorde trying to release her third album. There were leaks. You can listen to his first song now, “Solar Power”. What’s going on here with Lorde? Here is everything you absolutely need to know about “solar energy” issues.

A great comeback cut short

In the four years since her second album, Lorde has largely kept to herself. This is hardly surprising for the New Zealand singer, who is very brooding and mysterious in her singing style. And, well, a lot of famous people try to keep a low profile. Lorde has kept her fans up to date with her newsletter. She did a bunch of things she wanted to do. She took time for Lorde.

Unfortunately, preparations for its big comeback were cut short when, well, “Solar Power” was leaked among other things. The first images of the cover and title of “Solar Power” have been leaked. However, things really took a turn for the worse when a downloadable file leaked online, spreading like wildfire among fans hungry for something. While these things do happen, it’s a real eff when big companies accidentally disclose it as well.

We don’t know who was dozing at Apple Music & TIDAL, but they also uploaded the song. TIDAL even had details on the album itself. Both sites rushed to remove it. And Lorde was sitting in the middle of a PR disaster when it came to her new music. (Of course, she could just pull out a Beyonce and drop it.)

Is “solar energy” good?

You can watch the clip for “Solar Power” above. Frankly? Yes. It’s pretty awesome. There is something soft and beachy. With the acoustic guitar as a good counterpoint to Lore’s husky voice. Unlike some of his previous moody work, “Solar Power” is actually a song about recklessness, just enjoying the outdoors and enjoying the sunlight.

Did Lorde feel as bad in quarantine as the rest of us? Probably, but “Solar Power” is still a pretty solid song all things considered. There is just something airy and sweet about the song. And it sounds like a good song to welcome us all outside and not have death hanging from our every move. Well . . . no more than usual anyway. It’s a great song.

Where can I stream Lorde’s new song?

“Solar Power” is available to stream wherever you stream music: Spotify, TIDAL, Apple, Amazon. Choose your poison and listen to it. As we said, the clip is also live. Lorde’s third album, however, currently has no release date, so keep enjoying the music this talented artist has brought to us.

What about over-enthusiastic people who leaked her stuff before she was ready to publish it? Maybe just relax and let her have her moment next time. We’ll have the album when it’s good and ready to release.

What do you think of Lorde’s new song? Are you eager to stream it? What do you think of the leak? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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