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When Blitzen announces his retirement, Santa is tasked with recruiting a new reindeer for the team: enter Elliot: the smallest reindeer. Now available on VOD, this family Christmas animated film is the latest addition to this year’s holiday deals that kids and parents will find filled with cuteness.

Elliot: the smallest reindeer: STREAM IT OR SKIP IT?

The essential: Elliot (voiced by Josh Hutcherson) is a mini horse with big dreams, and when he hears Santa Claus looking for a new reindeer just before Christmas, he dares to audition. Encouraged by his girlfriend Hazel (Samantha Bee), Elliot is put to the test for his dream job that would take him from a North Dakota farm to the big leagues at the North Pole. Martin Short, John Cleese and Morena Baccarin also voiced the characters in the film written and directed by Jennifer Westcott which presents hope at every turn.

What movies will this remind you of? : This one makes it feel like a sports movie meets a Christmas movie, with enough humor and challenge presented throughout to keep viewers invested in the outcome.

Performances to watch: Samantha Bee as Hazel is a lot of fun here, happily galloping with some of the best jokes in the movie. She is a supportive friend and an enthusiastic nibbler and she is sure to have her ears wide open whenever she starts chatting.

Memorable dialogue: “Reindeer are fools. They have always been fools and they will always be fools. Even Santa Claus understands it. Santa Claus! ”Is a really good Hazel line, not your typical Christmas movie quote.

Elliot the smallest reindeer
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Best single shot: The animation of Elliot as a mini horse and some of the baby goats is so cute you’ll want to buy them as Christmas presents. Plus, be on the lookout for multiple excellent empty shots from this movie that are sure to make you laugh.

Gender and skin: No way, it’s for children! But then again, there’s a lot of humor that will fly over the heads of your little humans and make the watching adults laugh.

Our opinion : Although confusing with unnecessary minor storylines as well as cliché but sweet themes, with such cute animation and such funny vocal performances, Elliot the smallest reindeer is ultimately a somewhat unique take on classic Christmas characters. There is a darkness to the story (see: calling and watching reindeer to be total shakes) and a level of comedy that isn’t usually present in family stories like this that makes it worth it. to be watched. Or at the very least, it’s worth putting on to keep your kids entertained while you half-listen in the background and occasionally laugh at one of the jokes. The competition is fierce, but the themes of integration and purpose are stronger, ultimately leaving viewers with a positive vibe amid the film’s sassy banter.

Our call: Spread it. Just prepare for cuteness.

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