Tash Neal releases his first solo album, “Charge It To The Game” [Stream]



Guitarist Tash Neal, whom some fans will recognize from his work with the New York blues-rock band Souls of London, released his first solo album, Load it into the game, which arrived on Friday via Black hill records.

The guitarist and singer’s new 11-track studio effort includes previously shared singles, “All I See Is Blood,” “Something Ain’t Right,” and “Like a Glove,” the latter being produced by Black keys guitarist Dan Auerbach.

“It’s a celebration of life and a celebration of overcoming shit,” Neal said of his solo debut in a press release. “That’s what I love about the album and the title of the album, it’s such a statement. Whatever you have to face is like, load it into the game, man. I’m still here, I’m still living.

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After spending the 2010s as guitarist and singer of The London Souls, Neal finally emerges in his own light on this album. It features 11 songs powered by a retro-inspired sound similar to 1970s rock and funk, but the tracks don’t sound recycled or overly ambitious. On the contrary, the songs provide a smooth listening experience from start to finish.

Stream Tash Neal’s new album through the Spotify player below.

Tash Neal – Load it into the game

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