Twitch streamer disguises UFC 218 live event as game stream



Over the years, watching other people play video games has become very popular, with Twitch being one of the major platforms that users rely on to show off their skills. Although it is a platform for streaming user-created content, the service has been used in the past to stream copyrighted content, such as sports matches. , etc.

While these are usually reported and removed, it looks like an enterprising streamer had a bit of fun over the weekend, streaming UFC 218, which was the rematch between Max Holloway and José Aldo, while giving the impression that he was actually playing a game. The broadcaster, AJ Lester, was fully equipped with a control in hand, headphones on, and reacted to the action as well. You can see a little snippet of the action above, as Lester has now removed the stream from his Twitch channel.

While this is comedic and earned Lester a moment of internet glory, it is possible that he could face serious consequences. So far, he said he had heard nothing about copyright infringements.

Source: Eurogamer via The Verge | Image via Streamable

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