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Google has been teasing its big gaming ad for weeks, and now is the time to see what all its buzz is all about.

The company is expected to launch its keynote address at the Game Developers Conference at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday for an approximately hour-long event that will be broadcast live.

While Google hasn’t specified what it will do, between patents, leaks, first code tweaks, and rumors, it’s pretty clear that this will be a game streaming service that will work. with a specialized controller and maybe some of its existing hardware, or even new streaming hardware.

In the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s big event, Google teased the “future of gaming” with tweets and short videos. He also quietly built his staff. In particular, last week, former head of EA and Ubisoft studio and game developer Jade Raymond announced that she was now vice president of the company, without however specifying what her role would be. It is likely that we will know more about this Tuesday as well.

The company has already tested its own cloud gaming service, called Project Stream, which allows users to play “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” without needing to install it on their PC. The company has a patent for a game controller that includes voice support for Google Assistant. Last week,Variety discovered code snippets already run in Google’s Chromecast that refer to a games service.

Google created a pop-up outdoor exhibit in the middle of GDC on Monday. The exhibit is a sort of small video game museum featuring a timeline of major video game moments, including exhibits from Pong, GameBoy, PlayStation, Dreamcast, an Atari 2600, and an empty display case except for a card showing “Coming Soon”. A backdrop reads: “Together we will build a playground for our imaginations. The other reads “Anything you dream of can be built.” In between is a massive arch with the Google icon at the top and a sort of flattened “S” hanging inside. A Google employee confirmed that this was the new logo for what was due to be announced this week, but declined to say if it was an “S”.

In what can only be considered bad timing, a new study released Tuesday morning by Deloitte shows that nearly half of American consumers are frustrated with the growing number of subscriptions and video entertainment services. While there are currently only a few subscription services for video games, that number continues to grow and looks to be the next big gaming boom in the coming year.

Variety will be at the event to cover it live, and after the event you will have the opportunity to participate in Google’s announcement, but you can also watch the event unfold live here.

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