Waypoint Hosts Save Point Marathon Game Stream September 16-20



Vice’s games division, Waypoint, is hosting its third annual Save Point marathon game stream.

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Waypoint (the gaming arm of Vice) recently announced that it will host the third annual Save Point Gaming Marathon event from September 16-20, 2020. This year’s event will support the National Bail Out Collective and will be broadcast live. on Waypoint’s Twitch Channel.

Waypoint’s live streamers will be joined by other Vice staff and gamers from the Motherboard community (the tech arm of Vice), and others who have a “common goal of building a more inclusive society. and fairer “. The Fall Save Point event has become something of a tradition at Waypoint, with previous events supporting the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project and Trans Lifeline.

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With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Waypoint team is adjusting this year’s Save Point event by hosting it only online through the Waypoint Twitch channel, in order to keep everyone at home (as we all should be. be) and at an appropriate safety distance. a part.

Since going live this year, the team has made an additional adjustment to the broadcast schedule to focus feed availability primarily on daylight hours, removing cemetery working hours. Save Point will officially begin at noon Eastern Time on Wednesday, September 16 and run until 10 p.m. EDT, then continue daily from 8 a.m. EDT to 10 p.m. EDT through Sunday, September 20.

This year’s save point will benefit the National Bail Out Collective, “a black-led, black-centric collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers and activists creating a community movement to support our people and end the systems. pre-trial detention and, ultimately, mass imprisonment.

The NBOC coordinates the Mama’s Day Bail Outs program which helps ensure that Black Mamas and caregivers “spend Mother’s Day with their families where they belong.” The group also helps provide scholarships, employment opportunities and continuing resources, reform efforts, and support to individuals and communities across the country.

If you’ve never watched the previous Save Point game marathons, you can click on the Waypoint YouTube channel where they have the Save Point 2018 and Save Point 2019 streams in handy playlists ready to watch. The Wavepoint team also states that the overall schedule and streaming will be smooth for this year due to our current circumstances. You can follow the Waypoint Twitter Channel for updates.

Source: Vice.com

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