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It’s a long story, but here it is: NPR Digital Services recently announced its transition from Limelight to Triton Digital to host its streaming service. Because Boise State Public Radio’s classic news and streams are hosted through NPR, we have undergone updates regarding our stream player and URLs.

Shorter Version: We’ve made a few updates to our live web feeds that may cause issues for those of you whose browsers or smartphone apps have saved previous versions of our feeds. Please note: If you saved or bookmarked our old “Listen Live” player, that player will no longer work and because it is entirely different from our new player, there is no sense in keeping it. Just add a bookmark our home page instead of!

Don’t worry – there is a quick solution to clear that browser or saved cache. If you’re having trouble streaming us through an app, try removing the app from your phone or tablet and then redownload it from your app store.

As for computers:

If you are using a Windows machine, refresh your browser by pressing CTRL and F5 simultaneously.

If you are using a Mac machine, refresh your browser by simultaneously pressing OPT, CMD, E.

If hard refresh doesn’t do the trick, try this: Windows users simultaneously pressed CTRL, SHIFT, DEL. Mac users pressed CMD, SHIFT, DELETE. This will bring up your browsing data and from there you can clear your cache and cookies. (Don’t worry, there is an option to save your precious passwords!)

Still no luck? Try to restart your computer. Sometimes it takes a good reboot for the changes you made above to take effect.

If a hardware refresh, restart, and clearing browser cache doesn’t work, please feel free to email our Digital Content Coordinator Lacey Daley: [email protected] She will be happy to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.

In addition to showing us on our website, you can also listen to us in several other ways:

Apple Music: Listen to a live web stream from KBSX News via Apple Music. Simply search for “KBSX News” in the Apple Music app and add our station to your “my stations” list.

NPR A: Get KBSX News articles, newsletters and NPR content on the go with this on-demand app. Simply download NPR One from your app store, tap “stations” and add KBSX as a station.

NPR application: Listen to our news or classic live streams through the NPR app. Simply download NPR News from your app store, tap “stations” and add KBSX and KBSU to your favorites list for easy access.

FM numbering: Of course, we are also on your radio dial. Get a list of frequencies for southern and central Idaho, here.

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