Will Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie air on HBO Max?



Barbie is one of the most anticipated films of this decade.

The next film, directed by Little womanby Greta Gerwig, features an incredibly stacked cast list of actors and actresses, including (but not limited to) Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell and Sex education stars Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa. Not only does the cast deserve praise, but the film’s aesthetic also grabs the attention of moviegoers everywhere, especially those who had a Barbie doll or two as children.

Although 2023 is the year the film will officially debut in local theaters, we and many fans around the world are wondering where exactly should we go to stream every second of this title. We are speculating here.

Will the Barbie movie air on HBO Max?

As we all know, HBO Max is no stranger to snagging brand new movies soon after they hit theaters. Dunes and that of Robert Pattinson The Batman are just some of those titles that the streaming platform has managed to add to its lineup. For this reason, it is safe to assume Barbie will also be a movie that HBO Max is quickly securing once it officially leaves theaters.

Plus, with other Warner Brothers Pictures movies like Principle and Aquaman on the site, the production company is expected to continue this partnership with HBO Max.

As for other streaming platforms, we certainly wouldn’t pass up this star-studded film to debut on the sites as well.

Netflix and Hulu are still likely options, as are Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Movies. Apple TV+ is also a likely option, but you’ll definitely have to take our predictions with a grain of salt as it’s also just as likely as Barbie will not broadcast on any of these sites. (Who knows? Maybe Warner Bros. will launch its own streaming site by 2023!)

The countdown until we finally see Barbie starts today. Check back with us for more updates on the 2023 movie.

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