Xbox Series X game stream reveals major issue with ‘Next-Gen’ consoles



Well, we’ve just completed our first real look at the next-gen games coming to Xbox Series X and I’m enough… impressed.

It was a little strange sight. Microsoft is reserving its own first-party games for a separate reveal event in July. This show also didn’t focus on existing “improved” games for the X Series, but instead debuted with many new third-party games coming to the system (although many, if not all, are likely coming to the system as well. on PS5).

There’s The Medium, a Silent Hill-style horror game, Scorn, an Aliens-style sci-fi game, and Second Extinction, a Turok-style dinosaur fighting game. There were also sequels, from Dirt 5 to Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. The grand finale was just a little bit more footage from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but push a thought out of my mind.

It all sounds very… current gen.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, a lot of these games looked good and had great visuals. Others, not as many, perhaps due to budget constraints. But the point is, if you had told me that any of these games worked on an Xbox One X, I would have believed you. And while most or all are is going to be cross-gen, this in-engine sequence was supposed to be what the Xbox Series X will look like. So why didn’t it all really look at it all? this impressive compared to the current appearance of the games?

There are two main issues at play here.

The first is that this is the first generation of consoles that we have with a really big “mid-generation” hardware upgrade, the PS4 Pro for the PS4 and the Xbox One X for the Xbox One. The One X in particular was an even bigger leap than the Pro, and now that we’re getting to the Xbox Series X, we’re not comparing it to the original XB1 games, but to the X1X games that have been released recently, most of which are absolutely. magnificent. And so with these new X-series games, the difference just isn’t that pronounced, if it’s even noticeable in those kind of live-streamed previews. In person, it may be, but it’s hard to express in events like this.

The second problem is that when there are improvements, many of them will be performance based, rather than purely visual upgrades. This means things like a higher frame rate or much faster load times, but again, these aren’t really things you can demonstrate on a stream, although they will improve gameplay dramatically once. that you will have a controller in hand.

But if there are any explanations as to why a show like this might be slightly underwhelming, it could be a problem for the X Series or the PS5, if it goes the same way. As in, will there really be this really need to upgrade to the next gen when all these games are going to be cross-platform for a long time, and the differences really aren’t that noticeable (at least from a marketing standpoint)? This could make these consoles harder to sell than they otherwise would have been, especially if those rumors of $ 550-600 pricing are correct. It also makes me wonder what a ‘lower spec’ console might look like, which Microsoft would be working on, and how it will be very different at this point from a regular Xbox One X, if we see the X series of pictures like this.

All of the games featured here today looked good. They just didn’t call me next generation like we’ve seen with past events. The most recent next gen game I’ve seen so far is a Cyberpunk streak that’s years old at this point, and I have no idea what it was working on. I haven’t seen anything like it here today, even in a big-budget game like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which debuted with images that looked noticeably worse than its cinematic trailer, and at best, more or less on par with Odyssey’s current beauty.

It’s going to be a weird generation for sure, and Sony and Microsoft have to make a compelling case for an upgrade. I’m not sure they do it yet.

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